Bridget Schwefel - Musical Theatre Enthusiast

Spunky, kind, optimistic, and lovely! All these describe Miss. Schwefel. A beauty with a both endearing and admirable love for musical theatre and children's education. A girl with a passion and a plan. Bridget is a force to be reckoned with! 

Bridget's special interest is in children's and educational theatre, and her future plans are to pursue a second degree in communication disorders. She hopes to become a speech language pathologist, eventually achieving a Master of Arts degree in voice pathology.  

This talented young lady has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Viterbo University in La Cross, Wisconsin with an emphasis in music theatre. She has worked with Madison area theatre companies such as Four Seasons Theatre, Middleton Players Theatre, Music Theatre of Madison, and Children's Theatre of Madison. 


She's a woman with big dreams and the drive to achieve them. I wish you luck in all your endeavors and look forward to seeing you in whatever show you appear in next!  

Her hobbies include reading health and wellness books, running, and looking at pretty pictures.