Chinese-Born American, I was born in rural Xiangtan, Hunan, China the summer of 1997. In the winter of 1998, I was adopted into the states and have resided in Madison, Wisconsin ever since. 


On Theatre and Performing Arts:

As photography is my fifth limb, theatre is truly my heart. I truly believe it to be my purpose in life. To tell a story, to provoke thought and emotions, to pour your heart, soul, body and mind into it and come out flying.

When I was in middle school and early highschool, I had a lot going on. And yes, it was your standard "Who am I? What does life mean? Why am I sad and angry all of the time?" Theatre gave me a role to play other than the "lonely and angsty teenager." When life and anxiety got me down, I was able to shelve my crosses for a little while; when on stage, I could fully immerse myself in another. In the roles I played, in the relationships I had, through my life on the stage I found myself and my purpose. I told stories and I loved life. And, as I grew into my emotions and out of my angst, what once was an escape became my life.

 The Addams Family Musical. 2017.

The Addams Family Musical. 2017.

On Photography:

I am a portrait and lifestyle photographer who focuses on capturing emotion, life, and truth in my photographs. I never stop making new discoveries of myself and will always have stories to tell. With my photographs, I have a stage on which I can do so.

To share art and to make discoveries are my photographic missions. My photography offers a platform, a rock on which I can build, reveal, and realize myself and those around me. I spend time devoted to my passions and surroundings, finding the history within others and new stories within myself. I learn who I am and who they are and how we want to leave our marks on the world. With my eye I make collections of photographs that, when revealed, we learn something.

 The Burial at Thebes. 2016.

The Burial at Thebes. 2016.

I like to say that there is infinity within boundaries; without theatre I am completely lost, without a path. However, give me a stage, a frame, a voice and I will sing.